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Moving into a new apartment


I had a call from a previous customer, David A, saying his son Will had just purchased his new apartment and required the front door lock to be replaced.

One thing to mention, it really gives me a buzz when customers recommend or re use IMA Locksmiths.

The price was discussed prior to my arrival so there’s no confusion on what Will had to pay.

Upon arrival I replaced the front entry doors rim cylinder and supplied 3 new keys as requested

He then mentioned that the balcony metal framed door was sticking, and the lock was also stiff to turn.

As part of IMA Locksmith services, I offer Free Security Assessments and discussed Wills options with him

I noticed the balcony door had an old contractor’s type cylinder which has no security features whatsoever and replaced it with an anti-snap euro style thumb turn and then stripped the door mech and gave it a service, free of charge.

All the work was completed and another very satisfied customer with an apartment that includes added security and all parts come with the IMA Locksmith 18 Months warranty.

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