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Faulty front door entry lock


I received a phone call from a local estate agent/letting agency mentioning a tenant has issues using the front door lock as it seems stiff and takes a while for the key to engage and open the door.

As part of IMA Locksmith services, I try to gain a picture of what the issue is by asking pre-determined questions so I can give an accurate quotation. I always either give a set cost or if the issue seems a bit sketchy then I will give a minimum and maximum price accordingly.

Well, it turns out that the letting agents were acting on behalf of a previous client of mine as she had since rented her property out and advised them to use my services.

IMA Locksmith Southampton has yet again, had a referral from a previous customer….

Upon arrival and inspection of the internal night latch lock I noticed the mech was very stiff to use.

The next step was to advise the estate agents my intentions and a subsequent cost, which was approved over the phone, and I continued to strip the lock mechanism and give it a service… now at this stage I must add that some Locksmiths would simply replace the night latch, however this particular night latch was an Ingersoll SC73 and these aren’t cheap.

Once serviced, replaced, and tested the lock worked fine and this saved the client a small fortune.

The landlady, Rosemary, later messaged me to say the estate agents/letting agency were very pleased, see her comments below…

“Hi Richard, Amy at Field Palmer estate agents was very impressed with your professionalism. I’ve said you come highly recommended. I’m sure they will bear you in mind for future work if that’s something you’d be interested in.”

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